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Weiss, Alden and Polo PA: Simplifies visa procedures

July 1, 2013 | Posted By: | Legal |
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Immigration lawyers provide assistance to the immigrants by helping them to obtain visa for different countries. They relieve the clients from the complex paperwork that is associated with immigration matters.

If you are looking for commencing a business in America, the immigration lawyers in West Palm Beach at Weiss, Alden, Polo, PA will assist you with the same. They will prove you an eligible immigrant entrepreneur and assist you to obtain the visa that may lead to permanent residency. The Florida immigration lawyers deliver high quality service and guide you with all the documentation required for visa. If you are working on television as an expert or published articles it will prove the level of your knowledge. If you have served on peer review boards it will benefit you in proving your career. The expert Florida immigration lawyers at our firm can assist you to submit a complete application of EB-2 visa for qualifying you as an eligible immigrant. We also prove your educational credentials to show your skills in art, science or any other business.

EB-2 visa are provided by the government of US for those people who belong to other countries and intend to establish a business in United States. Such businessmen create employment opportunities for the US citizens and thus contribute in flourishing the American economy. It is one of the common methods of obtaining employment based green cards. EB-2 visa is divided in two categories; the first one is for those members who have pursued advanced academic degree. The person must be sponsored by the US employer or should be qualified for the national interest waiver. The important benefit of obtaining a green card under the category of EB-2 is that the process is much faster as compared to the other visa category. Few people are able to match the criteria for the EB-2 visa. The number of employment based visas approved by the US government per year is limited. Applying for the visa that is lower in demand reduces the waiting time of the applicant significantly. A foreigner who has applied for EB-2 visa will obtain it sooner as compared to those who have applied for EB-3 visa. Florida immigration lawyers at our immigration firm are expert in dealing with second and third category of EB-2 visa. The second category is for those foreigners who have exceptional skills in business, art or science and are offered a job from the US Company. The third category is for those foreign nationals who are qualified with advanced degree and possess exceptional abilities. They should be capable to prove that their skills and activities will positively benefit the national interest of positively benefit the national interest of US.

If you are looking for visa guidance, you may contact the Florida immigration lawyers at our firm to cater with the needs of immigrant matters.

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