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London Wedding Guide: Suggestions when Looking for Wedding Venues

February 14, 2013 | Posted By: | Business and Industry |
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Couples deserve a remarkable wedding ceremony. This could happen just once, therefore plan carefully and look for the best choices for your special day. The location is among the first stuff you need to look at your wedding requirements. Keep in mind that your wedding’s success may possibly rely on your choice of venue as well as decorations. It can make your wedding magical or perhaps transform it into another boring event. Keep reading to learn much more about interesting and unusual wedding places in London.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of the most popular wedding sites in London. It hosted noble and monarch wedding in the past century, making it a top option for church ceremonies. You can also hold weddings in its chapels if you find that the whole cathedral is too grand for you and your visitors. You can choose St. Stephen’s chapel as an alternative for a solemn wedding ceremony with a limited number of visitors. You could find other good locations in the Whitehall, Greenwich, and St. James Palace.

Bank of England Sports Centre

Sports facilities are also making its way to the top wedding locations. You can exchange your vows in a magnificent room and hold your reception in spacious terraces or even lawns. Bank of England Sports Centre, for just one, provides a tranquil ambiance as well as sanctuary close to the city. Many couples decide on their winter wedding bundles that include full use of sporting grounds, onsite assistance, as well as free of charge treats. What’s more, it covers accommodation as well as food following the ceremony.

Royal Society of Arts

Royal Society of Arts is a great alternative if you want to hold your wedding in a stunning painted space. The venue offers an interesting backdrop, including wall masterpieces and ceilings. Its dining halls can hold bigger receptions as well as events. It overlooks the Strand as well as serves as one of the best wedding sites in London located in the heart of the city. You can achieve a romantic and elegant candlelit ceremony in its subterranean vaults.

London Dungeon

London Dungeon is great for eccentric weddings. It was originally a museum, but has become an actor-led interactive tourist attraction in the city. You can roam around, find out about the dungeon’s history, go on a ride, or watch actors perform in an ordinary day. The place, on the other hand, remains on top of venues for gothic-themed wedding ceremonies. Its administration accepts early reservations. You could only have to consult an agent to assist you through the bookings.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is home to wonderful wedding areas. This World Heritage site offers breathtaking cottages where you can hold the ceremony or perhaps reception. The Cambridge Cottage, for just one, is famous for The Drawing Room that could support less than a hundred of visitors. You can even exchange your vows in The Nash Conservatory, a glasshouse that’s perfect both for daytime as well as night weddings. Orangery and Temperate House are additional wedding locations that can support more than 200 guests.

Selecting from different wedding venues in London might seem challenging, yet all you need to do is prepare earlier. Decide with your partner and work with trustworthy wedding consultant to really make it successful.

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