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James Malinchak’s Wishing Is Going To Get You Nowhere Article

March 26, 2013 | Posted By: | Management Issues |
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Now, the first of my, James Malinchak’s, 5 M’s for the ‘New Millionaire Way’ is mindset. Mindset is so critical because if your mind is not focused correctly, none of the marketing, none of the positioning, nothing that you do for your company, none of it will matter. It all boils down to how you think.

Whenever I say ‘how you think,’ I just don’t like the limits of having a ‘positive attitude’ because you cannot just sit on a couch and think positive, “Oh, oh, I am wealthy” and have it come true. Positive thinking in those terms does not work. At least, that is not the way a secret millionaire does it.

One of the ‘Millionaire Secret’ strategies that I’ve taught for years is mindset. You should think differently. A lot of fabulous people are held back from creating wealth for themselves because they think that money is bad. When you think money is bad, you subconsciously send money away from you.

Money is neither good nor bad. Money has nothing to do with it. But, it has everything to do with the mindset that you bring to money. Let me ask you a question, “If you make some money and you are able to put food in hungry people’s bellies, is money bad?” No, of course, it is not bad. If you make some money and you are able to feed hungry children, is money bad? Of course, it is not bad. If you make money from your great value, your great gifts and you are able to experience the lifestyle you want, provide for your family to live comfortably, and select the charities you desire to support, is money bad? No, money is not bad.

There are numerous myths that should be dispelled about money and negativity. Money doesn’t just belong to greedy people. Yes, there are greedy people with money, just as there are greedy people without money. In fact, lots of people with money are so generous they often tithe the church and gift charities at a higher level than what’s considered average or expected. Finally, you chose the person you become with the money you make for yourself. If you decide to be greedy, you might be greedy, but if you choose to be giving you could be giving.

Another common myth is that people with money are snobs. Just as greediness does not have to equal wealth, snobbery does not have to equal wealth. I am sure you have met a snobby person who does not have money. Being a person of character is created by who you are and what you believe, money does not create that characteristic.

If you treat people with money the same as people without money, chances are they will treat you equally well. Again, there are always those few people with poor characteristics that set a poor example for the rest, but do not let them keep you from the wealth you deserve. Overall, once you change your mind set about money and start taking action to earn money in your life, money will come.

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