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About cartridges for Printers

January 16, 2013 | Posted By: | Hardware |
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If you are running a business that deals with a lot of marketing brochures or black-and-white documents and color ones as well, then the article is for you. You may have a printer for you business which is not so good. So why waste your time with this defective printer that obliges you to replace it all time? You can shift to toner cartridge or a HP printer, because, these printers are very effective in this regard. If you don’t have toner cartridge printer right at now, I give some information that may help you to choose these printers online.

At first, I say about toner laser. It is also called laser toner which is the consumable component of a laser printer that contains toner powder, a fine, dry mixture of plastic particles, carbon and black or other coloring agents. There are three types of printer cartridge; one of them is genuine which is also known as ‘original equipment manufacturer’ or simply as ‘OEM’, next is compatible which is differently known as ‘Generic’ or ‘Alternative Brand’ and finally, the third type is ‘Re-manufactured’.

Firstly, if you go to the market and look for a genuine OEM, it may sound very expensive for you to buy. Actually, the manufacturers use genuine brand toner in your printer, for which the cost of these printers are really high and it may be far higher than the printer itself.

Secondly, compatible cartridges are manufactured from scratch which is not used cartridges that have been refilled. It requires a third party company. These cartridges may vary slightly in look; design and page yield to their genuine counterparts because it restricts the exact copying of designs, although it is true that generic (compatible) cartridges are less reliable.

Finally, to say about remanufactured it is nothing new as we said about OEM earlier. Yes, this is a process by which the OEMs or compatible cartridges are dismantled after the first use and if you want to replace your worn or defective parts so you can with the company attached with these types of works.

Lastly, I shall say about toner for hp (In French Word: toner pour hp). Actually, on 1st August, 2011 Hewlett Packard issued a press release showing their recycling process involves a partnership with an Asian firm and this process uses significant amounts of petroleum in the collection of empty cartridges.

So, I think I am able to give you some idea about the hp and toner cartridge which you can find online for more details.

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