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Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Mobile Apps

April 23, 2013 | Posted By: | Software |
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Developing a mobile application and developing a website are two entirely different things. It is not important that a person who is an expert at developing websites will be good at mobile app programming as well. Many times expert programmers also make some pretty basic mistakes while working on a mobile app. So here, we will brief out some of the common mistakes that must be avoided while making a mobile app.

Not focusing the users
Mobile app development process should accentuate user experience in every stage of the development cycle. Generally, Apps are developed, based on the ideas in the mind of a developer. However, they won’t be of any use until, the user finds them interesting. So app developers must focus on the way, users perceive the app.

Not working with a Flow Chart:

Mobile apps are confined to greatly small spaces, so navigation and flow of the app are very important. Those who plunge into the app without a clear knowledge of how the pieces fit together could end up with a confusing and messed up app. So the developer must always work as per the flow chart of the app.

Not using existing functionalities:

Many times, in an attempt to do something different, the game developers avoid the functionalities present in the existing devices. An innovative idea along with existing functionalities can do wonders for your app.

Not knowing the difference between development environment and real world:

App development is usually carried out in an imitative environment, and even the testing is done on emulators. If an app is working in the lab environment, it is not necessary that it will run smoothly on a mobile as well. Sometimes, end users pose certain unknown challenges, making the app useless in the real world. So it is crucial to carry out an extensive research, to ensure that the app work on a mobile.

Not planning for bigger fingers:

Many times, it happens that an app fails just because it has a small hit area and users having large fingers are unable to use it properly. You should make the hit area big enough to fit an average finger (which is around 1.6 to 2 cm wide). It will make your app easy to use for any random user.

So the next time, when you start developing a mobile app, make sure you avoid these goofy mistakes. This may help you make an even better and obviously, a successful mobile application.

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