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Offshore SharePoint development teams map the content folder through proof of concept

March 26, 2012 | Posted By: | Software |
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In Sharepoint customization, Sharepoint consultants in India use proof of concept to search and map the content folder. This process includes a number of different steps and there are two versions to it where one is a longer method and the second one a shorter method. In order to completely understand the complete it process, one need to start with the instruction of telling the VM where to find the files and the ones that need to be indexed. Before getting down to the step of finding and indexing files, it is important to first get some documents and then copying the files onto the local folder.

Short Version

Sharepoint consultants India need to initiate VirtualBox but VM does not need to be started yet.

The second step is to start the VM too and then get down to the process of mapping the content folder

Mapping: Click on virtualbox Manager – Settings – Shared Folders – Machine Folders and then finally right click to add Shared Folders.

  1. Folder path: the path that shows the files you download
  2. Folder name: this happens automatically
  3. Auto-mount: This needs to be checked
  4. Make Permanent: SharePoint consultants need to check this as well

The next step is to click on OK and then OK again in order to close the Settings dialog box

The next step that offshore Sharepoint development team needs to take is open Window Explorer from within the VM and then type in the location field \\VBOXSVR. This should list out the folder and then right click and choose Map Network Drive.

  1. Choose Drive: X:
  2. Folder: The folder should contain \\VBOXSVR\your-folder-name
  3. The third step is to click on Finish and this should enable the explorer to list out any files and folders in the shared folder.

Long Version

If the offshore Sharepoint development team chooses to follow the long version during the process of Sharepoint customization, then they need to follow these steps:

    1. VirtualBox needs to be started but not the VM
    2. In case a snapshot was taken of VM then it is best to restore it. In order to restore select snapshots and then right click on TechNetVM-clean-install and select Restore Snapshot.Uncheck Create a Snapshot of the Current Machine State and click onRestore.
    3. The third step that Sharepoint consultants need to follow is start the VM and once it is started, it will display a dialog box that shows VM is being restored.
    4. The fourth step is obviously mapping the content folder

a. VirtualBox Manager –> Settings –> Shared Folders –> Machine Folders –> (right click) Add Shared Folders

b. Folder Path: the path where SharePoin consulting team will download the files to

c. Folder Name: This field gets filled automatically

d. Auto-mount: This has to be checked

e. Make Permanent: This also has to be checked

    1. Once these settings have been done, offshore Sharepoint development team needs to click on OK and then OK again to close the Settings dialog box
    2. The Windows Explorer needs to be opened from within the VM and in the location field one needs to type \\VBOXSVR and here one would be able to see the listed folder.
    3. The next step is to right click on the shared folder and choose Map Network Drive

a. Drive: X:

b. Folder: This should be \\VBOXSVR\your-folder-name

c. Click on Finish and then the Sharepoint consultants India will be able to view all the listed files and folders in the shared folder.

For More Information :- SharePoint customization | Sharepoint consultants

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