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Kriya Yoga Demands Activeness Of Love

July 1, 2013 | Posted By: | Yoga |
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Correct Kriya Yoga begins with Kriya = activeness = activeness of love = helpful work ! See definition of Kriya Yoga for illumination. There is NO true Kriya Yoga without real career for the importance of others, of our total planetary society .

Career means real work ! Business office chores are NO project , IT jobs are NO work . Work by definition of useful, instructive and beneficial for all cosmos are those type work that directly make or produce food , naturopathic health related provision or health care, housing , initial loving pedagogy by professional persons decades after having left schooling and after having accomplished achievements in a caring life . Job means those form of   task that directly cause pain alleviation, tragedy alleviation , task that directly makes irrigation systems (without contamination or additional energy uptake) to convert desert into fat husbandry land . Work that rescues individuals in calamity or war zones. Task that makes freedom and maintains liberty among all civilizations of our entire world . Project that backs up and guards our world in its heavenly father made elaborate – like re afforestation of plundered rain forest districts, etc.

If your work directly results to earning dollars only so you need to change your bank account into nutrient provision, building stuffs, health related provision , to pay professionals to touch on household or communication equipment or first aid equipment , then your work has NO direct value in the least.

Real task directly produces and supplies products and services that directly better living, wellness, felicity, spiritual advance home to supreme being , worldwide peace , liberty among all, felicity among all, love among all.

Utterly NO project in the sense of sincere religious our all heavenly father helping job are some of following lines:

Governance of any sort – for governance , regimes, local authority or council of all kinds – powerful humans need no establishment and weak persons need no maneuvering by establishment but caring help to grow mighty and liberate without authorities of any kind .

Governing of all kinds – our all heavenly father is Passion, and our heavenly creator gives liberty to all, God forgives all and guides all. All governing are but attempting to complete with God and sabotage its population rather than pointing individuals out of world home to God .

Policing of humans – supreme being is Love , and thus needs no vehement law but caring holies man , doing work just for passion, helping all like guardian spirit in the name of heavenly father .

Military actions direct or indirect – collateral means any manufacture related to war , weapon or ammo!

Activism of any sort – activism is certainly another type of obscure war in the name of a good cause.

Business office lines of work of any sort .

Sales lines of work – good products or helps are interchanged directly from manufacturer to end-consumer.

Shifting bits and bytes in virtual worlds.

Cosmetic career – in order to make things nicer , to beautify house and lawn care , is a job girls do with our all heavenly father made wizard built in – just for passion as an ingredient of eternal life.

Refreshment and athletics – that is what we do and instruct and revel in with each other after day to day work done – for free and just for love .

Music – is what we do for passion and playfulness for our close relatives , gratis, just for love and to make happy after day by day project done.

Picture , theatre and play – we certainly have enough drama queens in real world and enough action thriller in real world.

Entertainment of any kind – to nurse our family members , friends and invitees is our happiness and delight of life and part to be felicitous by making happy. Entertainment of any kind always is a talent of love from soul to soul.

Every caring soul strains to come back home to heavenly father in home in God to view all our allies and family members long time past away and anticipating us to come home as well . Coming back home to supreme being calls for our own willingness to understand about supreme being and Passion and to practice true love in all chapters of our living. The Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga – God and Love provides you with all the teachings and counsel needed to return home to our all heavenly father.

An well fixed way to accomplish a felicitous lifetime is to learn from those who loved their way out from a turbulent life time into a felicitous incarnation . Study how others reached a felicitous living, learn from their errors and morals and see if some or all their lessons of love may as well be a answer for yourself as well that assist you to find felicity in your reincarnation. First acquire about God and Passion. Knowing about our all heavenly father and Love will help you to make the better or best picks in lifespan to prevent breakdowns and broken heart.

A happy lifetime is leisurely to achieve and keep in a straightforward living surroundings amidst or near genuine nature . In a simple life time you can easily exclude all those activeness in your lifetime and career that cause annoyance to others or demolish happiness in others lifetime . Conduct a life that has a destination to make others felicitous, to add to others happiness or to protect others happiness .

Kriya Yoga is a great deal more efficient when done in a natural job and sustenance surround.

Mother nature is being a chemist’s served by God , with all medication complimentary to all. Just venture into mother earth , savor mother earth and live, work and engage in amidst heavenly father made nature to hold on to physical health and wellbeing for your household and community around you. Bio yields in a bio various setting as served by supreme being is all important for your planetary clime, for our human health , for a well balanced nature itself in addition to strong nutritious foodstuff, acquire from mother nature, larn from rain forest and use what you see in your own personal gardening .

Direct communicating and direct change of true and final values is an vital piece of a truly caring, heavenly father pointed religious modern society. When we all learn to listen to our heart and directly feel , hear and perceive spiritual counseling from God in our day after day living, then we want no local authority or council nor organizations of any sort . For simple inquiries and problems in lifetime , we have our grand mothers and fathers or any member of the oldest generation in each village and if missing we certainly have caring mothers and fathers to train us whatever is useful and helpful in a loving society in concord with heavenly father , passion and supreme being made mother earth .

Hence an fundamental opening move into spiritual learning the needs of and going on is to turn strong and free and larn to provide actual values that nourish and cure the world . Our value opens door to other societies and creates task opportunities when traveling the planet in our attempts to help , larn and turn useful all at the very same time. Helping holies man learning while helping – all eternity long . First here on planet , then at home in our heavenly father made world of love called heaven .

Present moment on earth we all gain your place in our heavenly home by acquiring to love, by learning to be directly and really useful, by acquiring to gain a partner by actions of love for the benefit of all universe .

When your lifetime fixed up and your work produces direct felicity in hungry persons or starving kids or freezing menages or drying out farming fields, then it is time to substantially amplify all various parts of true Kriya Yoga as talked about in very particular on the diksha page.

Useful job is the foundation that creates serenity as well as a firm fundament for a felicitous life time needed to loosen up and instantly go into a silent peacefulness when emphasize on God and Love . You have created the cause and effect resulting you here to earth , means you committed up to many millions of years tenacious indolence or destructive attempts to end up on our world in jeopardy at the border of everlasting end and self destruction . Now for one entire expected life you still have a creator of all creation given opportunity to prove beyond any even little doubt for you to can and want to afford all love and all loving efforts to change our planet and your lifetime into a world and modern society of passion, friendly relationship and extended family of passion beyond civilizations , faiths , boundaries – one entire world = one menage of love !

Hans Neukomm is a born farmer son, creator and publisher of the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love with Jesus teachings of love available for free in the “Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition” including the complete teachings of Kriya Yoga technique and initiation and lessons to learn how to pray to God and feel God’s loving presence again in your daily life.

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