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Getting the Catering Equipment you Really Need

January 11, 2013 | Posted By: | Other F&B |
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Everything about opening or starting a new business requires a checklist if we are to do everything that we must do. In the initial stages especially, there seems to be a lot of things to remember and a lot of things to buy. Having a checklist makes you efficient and effective as far as going about starting your business is concerned and saves you from any grief in the future.

First off, caterers are hired to prepare, cook and serve food to a huge number of guests for special events or gatherings like weddings, product launches, graduation parties, etc. Unlike restaurants, wherein the food can be prepared, cooked and served in their own kitchens, caterers have to transport what they prepared and cooked and serve it off-site and make sure that the food will still taste and look great even after being stored in banquet cabinets and warmed up several times over in chafing dishes. Since more are expected of them, caterers need a whole range of catering equipment to help them carry out their orders. Often the best equipment’s can be either rented or bought from companies like Premier Sales & Rentals at affordable rates and convenient rental terms.

Catering equipment is usually divided into two categories: the heavy-duty equipment and the light-duty equipment. Heavy-duty equipment can consist of those equipment that affect the quality and freshness of the food and drinks served to your customers. Among the most popular heavy-duty equipment caterers need to have are commercial fridges and ice makers. Commercial ice machines produce different types of ice, the cubes, flakes and nuggets as each type serves a different need as far as food presentation and appearance is concerned. They are also available in different types whose uses are dependent on the kind of catering business you have. Check out commercial ice maker by Premier Sales & Rentals and discover the various types and uses caterers put it to.

Another piece of heavy-duty equipment caterers must have in their kitchens is commercial fridges. The right kind of cold storage after all, is essential to the success of any catering business especially if you need to store perishable food and beverages. When you need to serve salads and do cold dishes, you need the best commercial fridges to help you maintain the quality and freshness of the food. Prepared foods that don’t need to be served immediately must as well be stored in commercial fridges to maintain their freshness and taste longer. You can check out various sizes and models at to suit your requirements.

As far as light-duty equipment goes, you have your upright hot and cold food displays as well as warming and heating equipment to keep your food looking and tasting good. Stews and potato-based dishes for example, need to be kept hot while breads, pastries, pasta and soups need to be kept warm or at least reheated to keep it from losing its taste. Deserts like ice cream and gelato on the other hand, as well as beverages like wine and soft drinks need to stored in chillers to keep their temperatures cold so guests can feel refreshed when they drink them. Wine especially, is one drink you cannot enjoy at room temperature.

While it may seem you need a lot of equipment and therefore can incur huge expenses, the fact that these equipment can be rented is a saving factor. In addition, you may also have the units repaired and replaced (if necessary) for free because most companies offer full term breakdown cover which you should take advantage of when you must. Check commercial ice maker by Premier Sales & Rentals here and learn more about their rental terms and conditions to be on your way to starting the most successful catering business.

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