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Consult with a Specialist Before Deciding on Plastic Surgery

March 18, 2013 | Posted By: | Health |
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In the past people took for granted that they had to accept the body they were born with, or the bodily changes that come with aging. Today plastic surgery can help people gain a youthful, more attractive appearance. There are New York plastic surgeons who can help people learn how cosmetic surgery can improve their appearance. Whether one lives in New York or elsewhere, it pays to take some time to consult with a specialist before deciding on plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is not a procedure that should be taken lightly. Reputable cosmetic plastic surgeons will be glad to spend time with prospective patients to acquaint them with all of the pros and cons associated with plastic surgery. Whether one is interested in a breast lift, reconstruction or reduction, botox injections or even a brow lift, these procedures involve pain, healing time and risks.

Some people don’t realize that cosmetic plastic surgery is just that – surgery. Whenever the body undergoes surgery there are chances for reactions and complications. Nothing less than a board certified plastic surgeon is acceptable to perform plastic surgery. Bruising, swelling, infection and other possible difficulties can present themselves after the surgery is completed. While these and other issues either are short lived or may not occur at all, it’s important to discuss one’s motivation for surgery beforehand with the specialist. The surgeon can assess the desire for the procedure and offer an expert opinion on probable outcomes.

Another reason that pre-surgery consultation is vital is that the patient’s overall health needs to be assessed. The surgeon will ask if the patient is taking any medications or if he or she has any health issues. It may take one to two weeks to recover, depending on the procedure. The patient will need to know if any time will be missed at work due to recovery from surgery, and if any special care needs to be taken to aid in recovery.

One of the most important reasons that patients need to consult beforehand with plastic surgeons is to see if they can build a rapport. It is important that the patient feel that he or she can trust the surgeon. Photographs of the face or other parts of the body will be taken and realistic expectations for the surgery’s outcome will be discussed. The idea is to help the patient look rejuvenated or slimmer, but to still look like himself or herself after surgery. Patients can ask for client testimonials during the consultation and should follow up to discover if people were happy with their surgery’s final outcome.

Undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery is a personal choice. If one decides to undergo a procedure it’s important to find a board certified plastic surgeon who will walk the patient through what to expect during and after the surgery is complete. A full explanation of risk factors and complications should be part of the consultation. The patient’s motivation for surgery and reasonable expectations for the outcome need to be discussed. Millions of people choose to have plastic surgery, but the best way to know if it is the right decision for an individual is with some advance consultation and inquiries.

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