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Relax With a Calming Bath

March 13, 2013 | Posted By: | Home Improvement |
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We live in a world beset by stress, so relaxation has become so much more important for the average person. No matter how much exercise and how many super fruits are eaten, problems related to stress are still the number one killer in the UK, so that period of calming down after a hard day’s work is essential and for that, you need a relaxing bathroom. If your old, 1970’s, aubergine bathroom suite is getting you down, it’s time for a change into something new and fresh, from the tiling to bathroom mirrors. So, what to change and how to think about it?

Relaxing Design and Modern Luxury

One of the most important things when designing any room is making sure it fits to you as an individual. It’s no good having a room that doesn’t conform to any of the things you enjoy, so if you love nature you should fill it up with greenery and make it a real paradise, while the modern, clean and sharp you may like the smooth lines of an ultra-modern space. The first thing to decide on is your centre piece. If you’re having a huge tub, then that’s naturally going to draw the eye, but just as important are the little details like the bathroom mirrors. With a small bathroom, positioning two mirrors on opposite walls can make the room feel larger than it actually is and you can even get bathroom suites for small bathrooms nowadays too.

The Dream Tub

The bath tub is probably going to be the biggest expense you have in this perfect bathroom, so this is the one thing you need to get right. Many people just build around their current tub when redesigning the room, instead just re-tiling, putting in new bathroom mirrors and cabinets and refreshing the room in general. If you change the bath however, you get much more scope for changing the layout of the room as a whole. You can change your single ended bath into a freestanding double ended bath for those romantic encounters or free up some space by repositioning elsewhere in the room. Tubs aren’t always the best for getting clean though, so getting a shower built in is one option, while having a separate, standalone shower unit is another way to go. If you do go for the latter, you have the space considerations to make again, although if you have a separate room to place it in, you get to make one functional room and one relaxing paradise.

So, that paradise is almost complete, with your perfect bath tub the centre of attention and now it’s time to turn your attention to the finishing touches. The taps, handles and towel rails are very important in the bathroom as is the wash basin and the bathroom mirrors you choose, whether they’re small, wall mounted or full length. Also consider whether you want built in bathroom furniture or whether you’d prefer a free standing cabinet in your bathroom.

The perfect bathroom does not have to cost you the world, both in terms of cash and time. While doing it yourself can be a great experience, it can also be stressful, so getting help in is a good option. However, when it’s finished and you are looking into one of your new bathroom mirrors surveying your face framed by your new space, you’ll feel great.

Because life is often jam-packed full of stress, it is important that you have a space to relax and get away from it all. Therefore why not turn your bathroom into just that by installing curved baths and sparkling bathroom mirrors take a look at the many varied styles available online now.

Jon Smith is a frequent contributor for Asturias Bathrooms and has written many articles pertaining to all things regarding bathrooms and bathroom suites especially on such subjects as making the best of your bathroom furniture and vanity units.

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