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How to Organize a Successful Event

February 11, 2013 | Posted By: | Goal Setting |
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Successful events are always well-remembered by its attendees and participants. But awful events are also quite memorable because people have the tendency to remember the flaws more than good parts. If you served low-quality food, people will remember. If the attendees waited too long for the event to start, they will also remember how inconvenient the situation was. Shortcomings will be criticized and that is why it is important to plan and organize the event carefully to prevent such problems and achieve a successful and enjoyable event.


Get Quotes and Use Your Budget Wisely


Before you start booking, try to gather quotes for various venues, catering companies, or party planners. This will help you choose which venue and caterer to book for the event. Go for ocular visits to check out the place and what you can explore in terms of theme, decorations, and design. Ocular visits are also important so you can see if the venue is accessible, if there is sufficient parking space, if there are quality comfort rooms for guests. Is there heavy traffic along the way? These things are important if you want to ensure that the venue will be convenient for guests. Also, don’t forget food tasting to ensure that you are choosing well-prepared and sumptuous food for the event. Both ocular visit and food tasting are meetings to help you discuss any certain arrangements and talk about the budget. This is also a good time for you to ask for any discounts to cut down on expenses.


Make a Checklist and Start Delegating


No event is successful without a proper checklist. You need to use this to keep track of the progress of each requirement for the party and see whether each one is addressed and settled properly in time for the event. A powerful checklist is categorized based on importance. You start with the major concerns like venue, date, and food. Then, everything else comes after like invitations, decoration, theme, entertainment, games, table setting, make-up, costumes/dresses, photo and video coverage, program, etc. The checklist will give you a big picture of how the event preparation is going. Any aspect left unplanned or disregarded can mean a problem that should be addressed as soon as possible. Setting timelines and deadlines for each item will help you get things done on time.


Delegating will also unload you of the heavy burden of planning the party on your own. With people assigned to various party requirements, you can maximize your time and come up with a lot more great ideas. When delegating, however, make sure updates on the progress of each part will be given to you on a regular basis. This is to ensure that everyone is on the same page and running smoothly in time for the event.


Have a Dry Run


The day before the event, set a time for a dry run. For example, this could be a practice for the wedding march, cotillion dance, or a special presentation. Testing equipment like lights, sounds, and visual presentations are important to guarantee that they will be working properly and efficiently during the event. Anything that can be practiced during a dry run will give the participants a good idea of how the program will run. This will lessen and avoid any problems and errors along the way.


Party planning is ideal for people who have great patience and attention to detail. Those who can work under pressure and coordinate well with various people will find this an easy job. Whether the event is small or big, planning ahead is certainly the most important. More time to plan gives so much advantage that will surely benefit the party planner or event organizer.


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