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How to overcome a traveler’s worst nightmare: Lost luggage

January 23, 2013 | Posted By: | Travel and Leisure |
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It’s cold and foggy night it is dark quickly and the cold wave has captured us. Without doubt, winter is here. Just in time for uncomfortable weather reports the Austriantravel and tourism (In Portuguese=”viagens e turismo”) industry the strongest growth in a decade.

There is probably hardly a traveler who has not made experience with missing for luggage, or at least in the circle of people knows, that can tell you a thing. Finally, one can be as the best vacation, even if it is in a holiday paradise like Salzburg, is already spoiled immediately after landing.

If a piece of luggage on the holiday or while on a Mountain bike (In Portuguese=”mountainbike”), is lost, this is very annoying. Known then the airline must pay for it. Here, however, companies must continue to pay compensation per person and not per case, as the company would be quite sure. To this decision, the European Court concluded.

Following the Court as Case C-410/11 of 22 November 2012, every traveler has a right to compensation, even if there is a division of the suitcase. This may be the case in a family, the common check-in or ticket purchase. In the specific case involved a family of four, who has won the lawsuit against the Spanish airline Iberia. Their luggage was lost on a flight from Barcelona to Paris.

These damages may require the injured party when the case remains missing even after extensive investigation by the airline. This is also possible in the case of damage. This, however, must be an accurate list of which items in the case are, including the indication of value. If the trunk is gone, then the traveler must usually his holiday not compete without underwear or toothbrush because the airlines make the tourists normally for the first major replacements funding. If not, this money can be reclaimed later by the traveler.

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